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We find the best talents for gaming companies around the world.
About us
WN Talents recruitment agency is part of the WN Media Group ecosystem. We help to find the right talent to take on the specific business tasks in the gaming industry.
Our ecosystem spans 500,000 professionals including managers, game designers, artists, programmers, marketers, testers, producers, and community managers from 100 countries.
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Our team
  • Marina Lopatina
    Business Development Director
  • Elena Titova
    Recruitment Lead
  • Anastasia Koval
  • Alena Stoletnaya
  • Alexandra Harchenko
The client briefs us about the company, the project, and the team, describes the tasks faced and the ideal candidate.
Getting acquainted
How we work
How we work
A job offer is made to the successful candidate. When accepted, the candidate starts working for the client. We are preparing all the documents, while the client pays for the services.
The client conducts interviews with the shortlisted candidates, gives feedback, and chooses the people most suitable for the job.
We hand over the candidate's CV with a cover letter based on the results of the interview to the client.
We conduct video interviews with candidates interested in the client's proposal, and find out everything about candidates' current and previous work experience, tech knowledge, motivation, etc.
We contact candidates using:
- our recruiting agency database;
- the ecosystem;
- social media.
We provide all the information about the job opportunity we propose. We respond to reactions and source warm candidates.
We post vacancies on specialized sites. We make sure our postings offer a detailed high-quality description of the vacancy, project, team, and specific tasks to attract the right candidate.
The customer fills out a detailed recruitment application and describes the project and the vacancy in as much detail as possible. We sign the contract and applications.
The client briefs us about the company, the project, and the team, describes the tasks faced and the ideal candidate.
Making an offer
Organizing an interview
Handing over results
Conducting job interviews
Making contacts
Posting the vacancies
Сlarifying the details
Proceeding with paperwork
Getting acquainted
We meet with a client to exchange the information and clarify the details.

We decide on the dates, stages, and areas of responsibility to start working together.
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